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Nasal stents




Get more air without surgery!

Restore nasal breathing!

Well rested due to better sleep quality!

Endurance by nasal instead of mouth breathing!

Alaxo nasal stents are innovative medical devices that support and optimize healthy, natural nasal breathing. They increase well-being and performance by restoring and improving the body's natural functions.

Product variants:


Top: AlaxoLito Nasal Nasal Stent, bottom AlaxoLito Plus Nasal Stent (each stent and introduction tube)

1) AlaxoLito Nasal Stent (35 mm)
     for application in the anterior nasal cavity


2) AlaxoLito Plus Nasal Stent (60 mm)
     for optimization of the entire nasal passage

3) AlaxoLito Xtreme Nasal Stent (60 mm)
     with higher radial force
     in particular for use during sports

AlaxoLito Plus

The nasal stents are inserted by the user himself for repeated use (up to 18 hours per application). After a period of adaptation, the application becomes an everyday routine (comparable to contact lenses).

The alternative to surgery!

Today, ENT surgery is usually recommended as a therapy, for example, a reduction in the size of the turbinates or surgical straightening of the nasal septum. However, these operations often do not bring lasting success.

AlaxoLito nasal stents:
- innovative
- gentle
- purely mechanical
- no surgery
- free of drugs

As a result, the body function is improved. Everything "runs more smoothly".

Application of the nasal stents is demonstrated in the following video


Relaxed and with less effort!

Long-lasting instead of temporarily stimulated!

After exercise quicker fit again!

Less or no more!

Increased also in everyday life!

Elite athletes are systematically trained to breathe through their nose for as long as possible. With the AlaxoLito Xtreme Nasal Stent sports with nasal breathing lasting for hours becomes possible even at high physical load:

- increases the inhaled air volume up to more than double
- supports the endogenous functions of the body
- increases power and endurance
- enables better and healthier sports in the aerobic range
- prevents too strong burden to the lung by mouth breathing, e.g. in case of asthma

- natural mode of action
- purely mechanical effect
- no drugs
- no stimulants
- no doping

Nasal breathing
- natural healthy way of breathing
- transports nitric oxide (NO) from the nose to the lung, organs and muscles
- NO is highly important for muscle functionality
- effects power & endurance
- but airflow rate subjectively not sufficient at high physical load

Mouth breathing
- designed only for short periods of high peak power
- lower NO transport to lung
- nevertheless mostly used during sports
- mouth breathing over a longer period leads to oxidative stress
- this reduces performance

Clinically tested
A clinical study at the German Sport University Cologne (1) has shown that by nasal breathing with stents
- breathing is slower and deeper
- perfuison (microcirculation) is improved
- supply of oxygen, NO and nutrients to the muscles is more efficient
- parasympathetic nervous system (for well-being) is activated
- the body is better prepared for exercise and physical load
- and recovers more quickly from load

The good NO supply increases activity and performance of mitochondria (power plants of the cells).

(1) Bizjak et al; The intranasal AlaxoLito Plus Nasal Stent: Improvement of NO-induced microrheology and oxygen uptake during exercise?; Respiratory Physiology & Neurobiology 269, 103260 (2019).

How to get used?

The use of AlaxoLito Nasal Stents requires an adaptation phase similar to that of contact lenses. Initially, increased mucus formation in the nose and a foreign body sensation are normal. Depending on the individual nasal anatomy, this phase lasts from one to several weeks. There is a short-term effect of improved nasal breathing within the first few weeks. Full optimization of nasal breathing, however, is a process over many months, similar to dental braces. A permanent widening of the nasal passage develops during this process.



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